Advantages of having a Smart board in a classroom

Advantages of having a Smart board in a classroom

More and more school have the chance to get Smart boards in their classrooms. While I was in high school, couple of years ago, we would see Smart boards only in math and sciences classes. I remember that teachers were having so much difficulty using them. It was a new technology. Now, those boards are used by every teachers and in any classes. There are 10 types of Smart board that schools can buy depending on the needs. There are now trainings given to teachers so they get familiar with that new technology.

Smart boards give some kind of a flexibility to classes. You can still have the traditional teaching in your class; the teacher is in front of the class and gives some grammar lessons and students take notes. But with the interactive board, when the teacher sees that his students are getting tired of sitting on their chairs and listening to him, he can turn on the board and find some activities to do on it related to what he just taught to his students. That way, the student attention is attract to the front of the class because. Humans are curious, so whenever something unusual happens around us, it catches our attention.

Another advantage is that threw the Smart board, the teachers can directly get into the internet and have access to multiple resources. In fact, if the teacher feels like it would be interesting to show a video to reinforce the lesson he is giving, he doesn’t have to open the computer, the projector and prepare the video. The only thing he has to do is to click on the board and get the video he wants. Everything becomes more accessible with Smart Boards. It is quick and easy to have access to online resources at all time.

Those boards are interactive so the students can be more involve in the teaching. The teacher can ask a student to come on the board and draw something or answer a question. Afterwards, the work done can be save for a later use. As if the teacher explains something to the class and the bell rings, the teacher can save what he was doing and start the next class with it. He is saving time and his students won’t feel completely lost because they will remember to have seen that image on the board before.

As a future ESL teacher, I feel like having a Smart board in my class would be a big advantage. It would be an advantage for the reasons I pointed out before, but also because I think it can give a hand to teachers for classroom management. I think that students are more attentive when something is taught on a Smart board because it is different and also because it is interactive; it moves, there are many colors and many things can happen at the same time on the board. Also, kids and teenagers are always attracted by technologies, so if they know they can be ask to go on the board to answer a question and to try out the board at the same time, they will be happy and they will listen in class to make sure they can answer the question whenever you ask them to go on the board. I never experienced the Smart board in front of a class myself, but I know that with a good training and by being ready to use it, every teacher can benefit from that new technology.

Catherine Hébert


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