Follow up with Socrative

Socrative lets students do educational activities on tablet, laptop or smartphones. Teachers are engage in the activities and can have access to their students’ account on real time or afterwards. Thus, teachers can give instant feedback on the student’s work and help him or her to do a better work and to get a better grade. If the teacher is not online while a student is working on an activity, the teacher always has the opportunity to return on previous activities to correct and to explain mistakes to the student who worked on the activity. Students and teachers have to create a free account. Than, they can have an easy access to Socrative.

It is simple and flexible. Peer-to-peer discussion can also be created and group problem solving as well. Students can help each other from home with that kind of group. According to that, students don’t need to meet upafter class or in the weekend, they can do everything online via Socrative.

Teacher can personalize the content they want their students to learn and work on. Thus, the teachers can put online activities that are relevant to what they saw in class or to what they will go through in futur classes. Also, teachers can focus on students weakness by giving activities that will help them improve their weak points. This can also be applied to stronger students who are not challenged enough with the work done in class due to their high level of proficiency in English.

It is also possible for teachers to create a report section. A whole class overview report can be made so every students see the progression of the class and they can be motivated by wanting to keep the class pace.

Socrative also allow the students to ask questions to the teachers and the teacher to give general feedbacks to the class or to answer a question often asked. It also shows the teacher if an activity has been harder than others for students. Students can see their report card individually. The reports can be emailed or delivered on google drive at any time as Socrative is directly linked with Google Drive. The reports stay available as long as the student and the teacher keep their account activated.

Type of activities

There are many types of activities that can be done on Socrative. Here are some of the popular ones :

  • Short Answer Questions: The teacher ask an open question and students respond. The teacher receives all the answer on his screen. When it’s done, the teacher can ask his students if they liked it or not.
  • Quick Quiz: A teacher paced or student paced activity with multiple choice or short answer questions. Results can be viewed question by question and exported to a report that is automatically aggregated and graded.
  • Create a Quiz: Teachers can design their own Quick Quizzes with the built in feature and import them with the Excel template available on Socrative. It can be shared with the students afterwards.
  • Space Race: Teams of students answer multiple choice questions posted by the teacher in this fast-paced rocket race game. First team to get their rocket across the screen wins. It motivates the students to work well and to not lose their time while working.
  • Exit Tickets: Get a quick, paper-free pulse-check at the end of class. All answers are aggregated into a report. It is a fast way to see if students listened in class and if they understood what you have been talking about.
  • Multiple Choice: The teacher asks a multiple choice question, and see student responses on his screen. More than one question can be asked at the time and the grades can be posted on the report.

As a future ESL teacher, I would definitely use Socrative with my students. I like the fact that the teacher can create his/her own activities with the Tools offered on it. That way, it is easy to test the students on what you want. It is specific and you don’t have to deal with unrelevant questions that some pre-made tests provide. I also like that the teacher can give instant feedbacks. It helps the students a lot in their process of completing a quiz or an activity. Students need help when they are at home because they don’t necessarily have the support needed. Even more, by having the opportunity to give feedback at all time, students can feel that their teacher is present for them. As I think that having a close relationship is important in an ESL class, being able to be in contact with them at all time is something I encourage and that I will definatly focus on with my students when I will be a teacher.


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